How Fast Does Mold Grow? 3 Factors That Affect Mold Growth After Water Damage


Water damage inside your home can be devastating. Not only must you deal with the removal of damaged materials, but you must also work quickly to prevent mold from growing on water-damaged surfaces within your living space.

Exposure to certain kinds of mold can cause serious health issues. It's important that you invest in professional water damage restoration as soon as water damage is identified to minimize mold growth in your home.

Learn more about some of the factors that can affect mold growth so that you will be prepared to stick to a tight timeline throughout the restoration process.

1. Light

The amount of light available to mold spores can be a determining factor when it comes to the rate of growth after water damage occurs.

Most mold varieties thrive in damp, dark places. This means that the darker the area where water has damaged your home, the faster mold spores will colonize.

You can slow the growth rate of mold by bringing in artificial light sources to illuminate dark areas that have sustained water damage. By slowing the mold growth with light, you make it easier for professionals to complete the restoration process after water damage ravages your home.

2. Surface Material

The types of materials affected by water damage in your home can play a part in the growth rate of mold. Different types of surface materials will interact with mold spores in unique ways.

Some materials are more conducive to mold growth, so spores will colonize quickly when these materials are affected by water damage. Mold growth tends to happen quickly on porous materials like wood or drywall.

Nonporous materials, like glass or metal, will not exhibit signs of mold growth as quickly as their porous counterparts.

3. Airflow

The airflow within a space can be a factor in determining how quickly mold will start to grow after water has damaged your home.

When there isn't much air moving through a space, mold spores can easily settle onto the surfaces in your home. Increasing the airflow with industrial fans can not only prevent the settling of mold spores, but it can also help to dry out water-damaged areas much quicker.

Place fans in any area where water damage has occurred as soon as possible to curb mold growth while waiting for professionals to complete the restoration process.

Understanding the factors that contribute to mold growth will help you protect your home while working with water damage restoration experts. For more information on water damage restoration, contact a company near you.


31 January 2023

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