Critical Signs That Indicate Your Home May Need Waterproofing Services


If you are a homeowner, you should prioritize keeping water out of your home at all costs. You want to avoid the damages and expense that come when water invades your home and causes all sorts of ruin.

However, you may fail to recognize at what point you need to take assertive action like protecting your foundation, crawlspace or basement from this detrimental element. You can invest in timely waterproofing services by recognizing the signs in your home that it may be time to act now.

Noticeable Water Stains

When you see water stains on your floors, walls or ceilings, you may take them as signs that water is already making its way into your house and that you need to invest in waterproofing services promptly. Once water stains appear, they indicate that runoff from heavy rains, melting snow or other moisture has made its way into your house. Your house is vulnerable to this element and incapable of warding it off on its own.

With that, you can use waterproofing services on the outside of your foundation, inside your basement and on the walls and floors of your crawlspace. The waterproofing can prevent water from getting inside of these spaces and throughout the rest of your home. It can also prevent the formation of water stains on your walls, floors and elsewhere.

Puddles in the Basement

You can also take visible puddles of water in your basement as signs that you need waterproofing services for your home. When water seeps into the basement walls, it can pool on the floor and create noticeable puddles. These puddles are among your first signs that your basement walls are permeable and letting in potentially ruinous water into your home.

You can prevent water from getting in with waterproofing services, however. You can waterproof the basement walls to ensure water is repelled away from your home and does not pool inside of your basement.

Signs of Mold and Mildew

Finally, mold and mildew should also tip you off to the presence of unwanted moisture and water in your home. You can keep this fungus at bay by using waterproofing services on your foundation and other exterior parts of your home. Waterproofing keeps out water and moisture that can cause fungus to grow.

Waterproofing services can protect your home from water damages. You can use several signs to tell if you need them for your home. Puddles of water, water stains and mold and mildew may indicate the need for prompt waterproofing services.

For more information, contact a local company, like Central Penn Waterproofing.


26 January 2022

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