Waterproofing To Give Your Home The Protection It Needs From Water Problems


Water is a force that can cause a lot of damage to your home. The waterproofing systems that protect your home prevent the damage that it can cause. Therefore, you want to make sure your home has systems to keep the water out and prevent damage before it starts. The following waterproofing information will help you choose the best solutions for the needs of your home:

Waterproofing for Hardscaping

The hardscaping of your home is all the materials in landscaping that are manmade. These are things like retaining walls, driveways, and garden paths. It can also include things like patios and outdoor surfaces near your home. These materials are vulnerable to water damage, which is why you may want to seal them. Waterproofing solutions to consider for the hardscaping around your home include:

  • Sealing driveways to prevent wear and damage
  • Protecting your home by sealing patios and hardscaping near the foundation
  • Sealing curbing and storm drains for better watershed drainage

Sealing materials that are near your foundation will also help protect your home from damage.

Protecting Interiors with Waterproofing Systems

The interior of your home may be the next place you want to add waterproofing. There are many different solutions and areas where you may want to add interior waterproofing, which includes:

  • Sealing materials in bathrooms and kitchens for waterproof designs
  • Adding a waterproofing system to basement foundation walls
  • Protecting garages from wear and damage with waterproof coatings

Exterior Waterproofing to Protect Your Foundation

Exteriors also need to have specialized waterproofing. Today, there are many choices for your foundation waterproofing. Some of the solutions you may need for waterproofing include:

  • Sealing old block or brick crawl space foundations
  • Waterproofing materials around a concrete slab foundation
  • Adding waterproofing and updated drainage to protect basement foundations

These are solutions that you may need for waterproofing to protect your foundation. If you have a basement foundation, consider improvements that prevent static water pressure.

Improving Waterproofing with Solutions to Deal With Water

The waterproofing for your home is not the only solution you may need to prevent water problems. You may need to have other features like drainage and a better watershed design. Some solutions to help protect your home from water problems include:

  • Foundation French drain systems
  • Storm canals or landscape drainage systems
  • Watershed improvements to direct water away
  • Drywells to give water a place to go when needed

These are some additional solutions that can be used for waterproofing to prevent water problems. The drainage solutions should be part of the waterproofing systems that are designed to protect your foundation.

When water threatens your home, you want to make sure it is protected with waterproofing. Contact a waterproofing service for more information. 


20 November 2020

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