How A Mold Restoration Company Gets Rid Of Mold In Your Attic


Mold can grow in your attic for a few reasons, not just because you have a roof leak. If it is warm and humid in your attic, then the environment could be perfect for mold. If you have a small attic that is difficult to stand and maneuver in, it is extremely difficult to remove mold since you would be in close contact with it and the chemicals used to clean it. Even if your attic is roomy, it can still be hazardous to your health and bring a risk of contaminating your entire home if you attempt to clean the mold yourself. Here are some things a mold restoration company does that makes mold removal safer.

Establishes Negative Ventilation

One problem with disturbing mold is that the spores take to the air and circulate through your home. If they find a humid place in your laundry room or bathroom, then mold could begin to grow there too. Plus, mold in the air can cause you to have a scratchy throat, cough, and sneeze if you're susceptible to mold allergies. To prevent these problems, a mold removal company sets up a negative ventilation system that pulls air out of your attic to the outdoors so it doesn't circulate through your house during the removal process.

Uses Special Equipment

There are a few different ways to remove mold from the ceiling and walls of your attic. The mold restoration company may rely on disinfectants and mold-killing cleaners. These can be scrubbed on to the surfaces to kill mold and then the mold can be sanded away. An easier way is to use dry ice. The dry ice is blown against the wall, and as soon as it hits the surface it turns into a gas that instantly freezes the mold and kills it. The powerful blast of ice removes mold from the wood, so it isn't necessary to scrape or sand the wood. Plus, there is no pile of wood dust to deal with since the dry ice evaporates and the negative ventilation pulls other mold and airborne debris to the outside.

Determines The Reason For Mold Growth

Another important reason to bring in a professional is to determine why mold grew in your attic. If your roof isn't leaking, there could be a ventilation problem. The vent from your kitchen or bathroom might be releasing in the attic. Whatever the problem is, it has to be fixed or mold could grow right back and you'll face another round of mold growth and removal in the future.

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16 August 2018

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