Water Damage Restoration After Burst Pipes Have Destroyed Your Home


During the winter months, your home is at higher risk of a water damage problem. Freezing weather causes exposed pipes to freeze, which may lead to them bursting. After you have had a problem with a burst pipe, the restoration process needs to start to prevent problems like mold from developing. Here are some of the things that you will want to know about restoration after you have had a problem with burst pipes:

1. Pipes in Walls Can Burst and Leave Little Sign of Damage Being Done

When pipes are in walls, the damage to your home may be limited. The leak in a wall that goes unnoticed is a huge problem because often the damage is not seen until it is too late. Make sure to check all the lines for pressure to ensure there are no hidden leaks from freezing. If the water is left for too long, it will quickly lead to a mold problem in your home that may require additional costly repairs.

2. When Water Gets into Carpet, It May Need to Be Replaced with New Flooring

Carpet is an affordable a versatile flooring material, but it can be bad when it starts to absorb a watery mess. When a pipe bursts, the carpet may need to be torn up and replaced with new flooring for several reasons. If there was a problem with a sewage line, the only option is to replace the carpet. Sometimes, the problem may be the moist carpet leads to mold growth, which will also require the carpet to be removed and thrown away.

3. Pipes in Ceilings Can Burst and Cause Extensive Damage to Your Interior

Pipes that are in ceilings are a major problem during extremely cold weather. When he weathers freezes, the lines in areas like attics are exposed to the cold and often burst. This can cause a big mess in your home because the water gets into drywall and all over your home. It can get on furniture and cause large sections of ceiling to come crashing down. Turn off the water line as soon as you notice a problem with water in the ceiling. You can also expect repairs to be more costly when the pipes were in the ceiling.

The burst pipes in your home can lead to many different problems. The sooner you get started with the repairs, the less likely it is for mold and rot to set in. Contact a water mitigation service to help with the repairs of your home after a pipe bursts. 


18 January 2017

Learn How To Restore Damage to Your Home

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