The Danger Of Sewer Backups


Flooding and plumbing clogs can cause a disgusting problem in your home: sewage backup. If you have ever dealt with this issue, you know just how filthy and lengthy the cleanup can be. What you may not realize is just how dangerous this situation is to your health. Proper restoration steps must be followed to keep your family safe. When sewage enters your home, you need to have professional help with the cleanup.


When sewage backs up into your home, it brings more than a mess and a bad smell. It brings some dangerous contaminants. Among these substances are bacteria and viruses that can lead to life-threatening conditions. Diseases such as hepatitis A, encephalitis, escherichia coli, giardiasis, salmonellosis, and typhoid fever can result from contact with the muck in your home. When sewage is involved, simply scrubbing and pumping the area is not enough to protect you and your family. More extensive procedures are needed.

Immediate Steps

No matter the cause of the backup, you need to take certain immediate steps. First, stop using your toilets so that you don't make matters worse by adding to the contamination. You should turn off anything that is pumping water into your drains, including clothes washers and dishwashers. Don't run water down the sink. Next, call the professionals. Most of these water and sewage damage companies offer 24/7 help, so they should be able to begin cleanup immediately. Do not enter the basement or any contaminated area unless you are wearing protective clothing, including boots, gloves, and a protective mask. If possible, stay away from the area until help arrives.

Restoration Companies

Although you can attempt a cleanup on your own, you risk contracting a disease and not completely ridding the area of contamination. Mold and mildew are certain issues you may have to face after the flood. You may not be able to restore some items such as carpeting or other furnishings that professionals could salvage. Also, the professionals know which items are beyond saving and will dispose of them for you. Fortunately, your homeowner's insurance should pay for at least some of this service.

When your home becomes flooded with sewage, you should call the professionals for help. You can easily contract a disease from this contamination, and you are simply not equipped to properly cleanup after this damage. After you turn off the water, call for experienced help. Contact a company like Minnesota  Disaster Restoration Services  for more information. 


28 July 2016

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