Removing Mold After A Flood Situation


If you have a home that has recently suffered from flood damage, you will want to do a thorough job in removing moisture from the area so your home is not at risk for mold. If mold has already set in, you will need to work hard at removing it. Mold can be dangerous if it is left in place, as it can cause breathing problems for those in the area. Here are some ways to keep mold from growing and to remove mold in a room that has recently had flood water present.

Removing Moisture

All water must be removed from the affected room in order to avoid the growth of mold. The longer water sits, the more chance mold will grow. Use buckets to remove large amounts of water from the room. Make sure to pour the water out far enough from the home so you avoid having it seep back inside through the foundation. If you have access to an electrical source, use a water pump to remove large amounts of flood water from the room.

When the bulk of the water has been removed, use towels to sop up any remaining puddles. Keep the windows and doors open in the room so it will dry naturally over the next few days. When electricity is restored, use area fans and a dehumidifier to help dry the room.

Remove any pieces of damaged drywall, as they are prone to molding. Saturated carpeting may also need to be removed. Carpet padding underneath wet carpet can grow mold easily. Once these are removed and the room seems dry, you can start the mold removal process.

Mold Removal

You must clean every single surface that flood water was touching so that mildew does not form. Mildew will turn into mold if left in place. Use a solution made of a one to eight ratio of bleach and water. You can use this to scrub every surface using a scrub brush or a non abrasive sponge. The bleach in the solution will kill mold spores and the starting of mildew from the surfaces.

Follow up with a commercial grade mold and mildew cleanser to double up on mold killing action. If you notice areas with an abundance of black mold spots, hiring a professional mold removal company such as ServiceMaster by Restoration Xperts is recommended. Touching black mold that has taken over an area of the home can cause the spores to be released into the air, causing a health risk. 


23 February 2015

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